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 A simple white tub overlay or replacement could not have the same effects. In most bathrooms and kitchens, there may exist mold or water damage. Want to change the look and feel of your bathroom?

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The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, but it plays a large part of everyday life. The condition and layout of the bathroom can play a significant part in the value of a home. Outdated or shabby bathrooms can bring down the value of a home and turn potential buyers away.




When you purchase granite countertops for your entire kitchen, think about your bathrooms too. Depending on the size of your kitchen, there may be enough remnants from your kitchen granite slabs to make a small bathroom vanity. Or, go ahead and try out just having granite in your bathrooms before you do your kitchen countertops. Granite is a very durable surface -- its second to diamonds in terms of hardness. This makes Granite the best surface for countertops, including kitchen and bath countertops.



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Remodeling your bathroom has many benefits -- and the options to remodel are endless. Instead of a 4" backsplash, do a tile backsplash around the vanity for an added touch of customization. Or, similar to the mirror above, encase your mirror in a frame.



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Remodeling Your Bathroom

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When you remodel areas of your home, you are capable of increasing the overall value of your home too. Any realtor will tell you that the items that sell a home are the Kitchen and Bath. If your bathroom is a little outdated, a simple remodeling will freshen the look and also help you sell your home for more. In todays home market, home owners need to constantly keep their homes up-to-date to stay in good competition with other homes in the area.


  • bath remodel
    Bathroom Complete Remodel
  • Tile shower
    Tiled Shower
  • Tile shower
    Tiled Shower
  • Tile shower
    Tub to Shower Conversion-Tiled Shower
  • Bath Remodel
    Bath Remodel
  • granite vanity
    Granite Vanity and Tile
  • Tile shower
    Tiled Shower
  • Tile shower
    Tiled Shower
  • Tile shower
    Tiled Shower
  • Tile shower
    Tiled Shower
  • Complete Bathroom Remodel
    Complete Bathroom Remodel
  • Complete Bathroom Remodel
    Complete Bathroom Remodel
  • Complete Bathroom Remodel
    Complete Bathroom Remodel
  • Complete Bathroom Remodel
    Complete Bathroom Remodel
  • Complete Bathroom Remodel
    Complete Bathroom Remodel
  • Bathroom Remodel
    Bathroom Remodel
  • Bathroom Remodel
    Bathroom Remodel

Ever wonder what everyone else does with their bathroom? Check out some photos from recent projects detailing how Charlotte homeowners are changing and remodeling their bathrooms showers with Granite and Tile.

Tile Your Shower or Bath area Adding tile to your shower or bath area is a huge trend going on in Charlotte NC right now. New homes are even being built with tile bath tub or shower surrounds. If you are looking to sell your home in the future, tiling the shower or tub area would be a good way to start your bathroom remodeling.



More Tiled Shower Images-CLICK HERE

Level Entry Shower Conversions

When remodeling bathrooms, consider the Level Entry Shower System™. This is a seamless, no step shower base for tile, marble or granite showers. This system offers a waterproof foundation for endless designs in curbless showers. Since bathrooms are the most used room in the house, a restoration of this room offers many values. Not only will it give you comfort and aesthetics, it increases the value of your home. The Level Entry System™ offers safe accessibility for the future years. 



More information and images about the level entry-CLICK HERE 


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Bathroom Remodeling Projects


Complete Bathroom Remodel In Charlotte NC 6 4 14 

This Charlotte homeowner selected Fireplace and Granite to do their complete bathroom remodel. Giallo Ornamental Granite, Bordeaux Chameau tiles, Belmar Tortoise tiles, Caramel Travertino accents and Arbor House, Warm Cherry tile flooring.
This unique bathroom was created by Tracy Cooper, Design Specialist here at Fireplace and Granite



Bathroom Remodel Design In Concord NC 4 14 14

Create a Showroom Bathroom- Fireplace and Granite Presents "Go from Dull to Delightful" using 12x12 Manor Grey Tiles, Mixed Salad Pebbles designed Floor and Butternut Emperador Linear Glass Blend Accents. Watch it all come together.
Another Bathroom Designed By Dale 



Bathroom Remodel

Giallo Verona Granite and Assorted Silver Maple Tiles

Complete Bathroom Remodel-This bathroom went from outdated cracked tiles to a complete transformation. Tracy Cooper at Fireplace and Granite, designed this bathroom using a combination of Mirasol Silver  Maple tiles and Giallo Verona Granite. Watch the before and after video  to see the Transformation.

Granite installed by Hasko, Shower and Bath Renovated by Mike and Andre, all from Fireplace and Granite.


Granite Transformation- Bathroom Makeover in NC-using Tile and Granite

Fireplace and Granite Distributors did it again. A complete Bathroom makeover in Concord, North Carolina. We used Granite and Tile to transform this bathroom COMPLETELY. This video shows all the before, during and after pictures we took. 



Complete Bathroom Remodel-From Top to Bottom 1 3 14

This Kannapolis bathroom was completely remodeled with Giallo Ornamental Granite and 13x13 tiles. Fireplace and Granite designed this bathroom using Giallo Ornamental Granite for the countertop. 13x13 Marron Floor Tiles, 13x13 Chameau wall tiles and Bliss 5/8 glass accents. 



Charlotte Bathroom Remodel in Less Than 60 Seconds

Watch as this bathroom shower is completely remodeled -- out with the old and in with the new! A drastic change for this once blue bathroom to a new tiled shower, floors and more! Fireplace & Granite Distributors of Charlotte completed this bathroom in just one day. They also supplied the beautiful new granite countertop for the bathroom vanity