How to Design your Kitchen with Granite- A step by step system that will help you when shopping for Granite

STEP 1-Select Your Granite Color.

Click on the cabinet color that best matches your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. This will take you to a page that shows you granite colors installed on that cabinet selection. 

White Cabinets 

Dark Cabinets

white cabinet 2 dark cabinet 5

Medium Cabinets

Light Cabinets

medium wood cabinets Light cabinet color

Step 2- Select Your Edge


Ogee edge

Click on Ogee Image to Visit our Granite Edge Page for more ideas and some helpful hints.

Granite countertop edges come in different varieties, with the most popular styles being flat or eased, half bullnose, full bullnose, demi-bullnose,1/4 bevel, 1/2 bevel and ogee. e beauty of a kitchen granite countertop can be dramatically enhanced by the correct countertop edge.

Step 3-Select Your Sink

sink selection page for granite countertops

Click on the sink image to view our sink selection page for more options and ideas.

Why install beautiful brand new Granite and keep the old plumbing.... Visit our Sinks and Faucets pages to see some of the options available.

Step 4-Select Your Faucet

wellington faucet

Click on the faucet image to go to our faucet selection page for more examples of the faucets we offer. 

Want something unique to add to your granite, contact us and we can offer other selections and Ideas.



Step 5-Select Your Backsplash or Tile

Tile and backsplash ideas for granite countertops

Click on the Tile Backsplash Design to Visit our Tile Page.

Although granite is still a popular backsplash choice, tile can give your home a custom and unique look that cannot be matched. Since tile can come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, pricing varies. Let us help you design the perfect kitchen for your home. Visit our Tile Backsplash page for more information and lots of ideas.


Need More Help-Click on the link below and we will walk you through this process

DETAILED HELP with Design Your Kitchen  

CLICK HERE if you would like a detailed step by step system that will help you in designing your kitchen or bathroom project.