Blue Sapphire Granite

Description of Blue Sapphire Granite-This granite also known as Brown Sapphire and English Brown has the overall color of brownish black with a speckled design of bluish white particles and reddish tans.

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Blue Sapphire Granite Countertop Color Examples

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Sapphire Blue Granite Video

Fireplace and Granite Presents Blue Sapphire Granite Countertops 11 16 13 This Concord Homeowner selected Blue Sapphire Granite for their kitchen countertops. The granite was fabricated with a half bevel edge and finished off with 3x6 Walnut Travertine tiles accented with Amber Tea Glass linear. A 30/70 stainless steel sink and Wellington faucet with soap dispenser was included in this Granite Package special. For more ideas and granite examples visit us at

Blue Sapphire Granite on Medium Cabinets

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