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How to Measure a Countertop | How to Figure Square Footage | Granite Square Footage


How To Measure a Countertop
By: Paulette Faust

My daughter is a Junior in High School. One of her projects in Math class is to interview someone who job is impacted on a daily basis with Mathematical skills. Who better to interview but her own mother! The question might be raised did she take the easy way out or was she really interested? I thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt. It seems that because I have a small business that I use math every day, but one of the questions that I run across consistently is how do I figure out the square footage of my countertop?

I am in the granite countertop business in Charlotte, NC. Although math comes easy for me, I must say some kitchen configurations are more complicated than your basic length times width.

Measure Countertop Space
To start figuring out the square foot of a countertop take measurements of the total length of each piece of countertop you want granite on. This measurement should be along the back where the top meets the wall.

Make sure your measurements are in inches, (FYI 1 foot = 12 inches). Typically, I multiply the length by 25.5 inches since most cabinets are 24 inches and the granite will over hang the cabinet by 1.5 inches. Once you get that figure divide that by 144 to give you square feet of granite. Example total length (102 + 60 + 18) x 25.5 = 4590 /144 = 31.9 sq ft
If you want to include a back splash multiply the length along the wall by 4 inches. Divide that number by 144 and that should give you square feet of granite backsplash needed. Example Total length (108 + 126 + 25.5) x 4 = 1038 / 144 = 1.8 sq ft
If you have an island or a bar top you need to measure the length times the width in inches and divide that by 144. Example (78" x 48")/144 = 26 sq ft

Once you have all the square feet just add them up and you have the total square foot of the kitchen! It as easy as (length x width)/144! Example 31.9 + 1.8 + 26 = 59.7 total square feet of granite is needed for this kitchen!

granite countertop columbia sc
My math skills have improved as I use math every day. I can honestly say that I realize how important mental math is and how much I rely on my calculator. It is probably one of my most used tools.


this blog is awesome!!
Posted @ Wednesday, December 30, 2009 5:18 PM by nicole
This blog has been very helpful! I'd like to know what the average granite over hang is typically on an island? And what should the ideal space be between your wall and counter edge? I currently have a laminate island with a 9" over hang which leaves me with 36" to the wall. I'd like it to be a 12" over hang and make the cabinet width below appear wider to support it instead of corbels. Also, wondering about granite thickness? Thank you!!!
Posted @ Monday, December 20, 2010 7:31 AM by Fran Matheny
I agree, this was definitely helpful. Got to love these blogs on the internet! I did notice a little hiccup when you were calculating the sq. footage of the backsplash. Now, i may have this wrong but you stated "(108 + 126 + 25.5) x 4 =259.5/144=1.8sq ft... 
108+126+25.5 DOES equal 259.5 
BUT x4 =1038 
1038/144 which equals 7.2 sq ft 
Is that right?
Posted @ Tuesday, September 11, 2012 1:00 PM by J
yes the back splash was probably accidently calculated wrong and you are right it would be 7.2 sq. ft.  
Posted @ Friday, March 01, 2013 8:43 AM by kayla
I need to measure an area for granite that goes around the fire place. Its a see through one that has a window on both sides so the granite needs to wrap all the way around. I have measured the area, and noted all the widths, but... 
The fireplace has fake brick around it, how much to I add to the sides to allow for the brick? its an un even type, that varies from 1 to 2 1/2 inches. How much under the brick should it go?
Posted @ Thursday, December 19, 2013 8:54 AM by john lingafelter
(1) Do you include the sink space in the measurement since there is a whole in the granite for the sink? 
(2) The company providing the granite has the final measurement of granite. How do you keep them honest in the measurement of the square footage so that they do not increase the amount of square footage to get more money from you?
Posted @ Sunday, May 04, 2014 8:34 PM by Rex
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