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Granite Countertops | Mooresville NC

Granite Countertops Mooresville NC

There are many benefits to having granite countertops installed in your Mooresville NC or Charlotte NC home. Some of the benefits include not only enhancing or refreshing the look of your kitchen, but also increasing your homes value. Granite Countertops are one of the only home improvements that will increase your homes value instantly after installation.

So when you are ready to install granite countertops, what color do you choose? Choosing your granite countertops color is not as hard as 

you may think. There are many different colors that may compliment your current home decor or may contrast against your current cabinet color. Here are some of our newest and most popular granite countertops colors in Mooresville NC:

Granite Countertops Mooresville NC

1) Alaskan White Granite Countertops
Alaskan White Granite is one of the top lighter color exotic Granite Countertops colors available right now. It matches light or even dark cabinets and can easily give your home a new, fresh and bright appearance. This granite color also matches well with any color appliances in your kitchen.

2) Black Magma Granite Countertops
Black Magma Granite has different color variations and movement, ranging from dark black to light yellow and even white. Every granite slab of this color can vary with different movement, specs of quartz crystals and color pattern. A granite countertops color such as this instantly adds a unique look that no other home could duplicate.

Granite Countertops Mooresville NC3) Santa Cecilia Granite Countertops
Santa Cecilia is a very popular and classic favorite for all Charlotte homes. It has hues of gold and black with scattered quartz crystals over the slab. Santa Cecilia, although a lighter and golden granite color, easily fits any color cabinet or home.

Looking for Granite Countertops in Mooresville NC? Firepace & Granite Distributors fabricates and installs granite countertops all throughout the Charlotte NC area including Mooresville NC and surrounding cities.
Call 704-721-0001 today for a Free Estimate on your new Granite Countertops.



Granite can really make a room look classy.
Posted @ Thursday, December 01, 2011 3:57 PM by Granite Countertops Cary
Very nice granite descriptions
Posted @ Friday, December 02, 2011 10:18 PM by Celso
your newest collection of granite counter tops are so wonderful.
Posted @ Tuesday, December 13, 2011 4:20 AM by Shobna
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