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Bathroom Remodeling Designs | Charlotte NC


Tile Tub Bathroom RemodelSo, you decided to remodel your bathroom? By now you have probably googled some images or even checked out some photos on pinterest. But what look will fit your bathroom? Here are the top 3 simple (and affordable) bathroom remodeling ideas.

1) Tile That Tub!
Nothing makes the look of a bathroom pop than tiling the tub or shower area. A once boring white tub will instantly transform into a classy, relaxing work of art with new tile surrounds. Tile is fast to install and really changes the look and feel of your bathroom.

2) Frame The Mirrors
Something as easy as adding a frame to your bathroom mirrors will instantly change the look and feel of your bathroom. Adding frames to an ordinary mirror will give your bathroom look instant gratification!

We recently just added a new line of frames for mirrors -- ask us about this!

describe the image3) Add Granite To the Vanity
Granite is super easy to install and if your vanity is an average size -- you can probably find a granite remnant piece that will fit your cabinet. Granite remants are pieces of granite left after cutting out a kitchen or large piece from an entire granite slab. Typically, Granite remnants can be found at discount prices.

I hope this helped you get some ideas for your bathroom remodel! If you have any questions about bathroom remodeling, leave us a reply below or email for more information on our bathroom remodels!


Bathroom design tips are always welcomed! It's all in the details. Do it right the first time and these are great upgrades to consider if you are thinking about resale.
Posted @ Monday, May 21, 2012 11:29 AM by Donna Frasca
Thanks Donna! There are so many different ways to change the look of a bathroom or kitchen. And you are right, upgrades are great for resale --- its the homes that do not bother with details, design, even just paint on the walls that will not sell well.
Posted @ Monday, May 21, 2012 12:37 PM by Beth Jackson
Those are some good low cost ideas to renovate or at least update a bathroom.  
A lot of people like to just change the faucet. This is an attractive option if fixtures are in an outdated finish like polished brass (heavily used in the 1980's) which can make a bathroom look dated but not classic. Lastly, change the hardware on the cabinets or bathroom vanity to bring new life to your bathroom on the cheap. 
Brad Thomas 
Classic Clawfoot Tubs 
Posted @ Thursday, May 31, 2012 7:10 PM by Brad Thomas
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