Fireplace and Granite Distributors1146 Biscayne Dr. Concord NC 28027 Phone: 704-721-0001

  • Mon -Fri: 9Am-6PM
  • Saturday 9AM-4PM

Sales Teams– They will remain accessible via email, phone, or text/facetime during regular business hours. If you have any questions you can also reach out to the office for updated contact information. We will have a reduced staff in keeping with “Social Distancing” suggestions put forth by the CDC. We also will continue to have showroom appointments but strongly suggest you call in advance and schedule this with your sales rep.

Production– We are pleased that we are able to run full shift production during this time and will continue to craft you countertop orders in a timely manner. All of our employees are instructed to stay home if they feel ill in any way, and will be sent home if they do not comply. We take your health and the health of our employees very seriously.

Installation and templating – Our installers and Templating crews all have wipes, and hand sanitizer and have been told to use them. They have also asked that you have the counter and work areas clear and clean to minimize contact with your belongings. Again, if they do not feel well, they will not be working so please be understanding if we suddenly need to reschedule your job.

Customers – Now here is what you can do to help us. Please let us know if anyone in your house is not feeling well and we can reschedule the job or appointment when all is clear. Please be understanding if the schedule changes. We are working hard everyday to keep up with demand and get your projects done ASAP.

Most of all thank you for your support of a family owned small business as we endeavor to keep all our employees safe and employed during these difficult times. Together we will all get through this pandemic and be even stronger in the future. If we can accommodate you in any way please call me with suggestions.

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