Portofino-Cherry Debut Series

Cherry’s smooth, tight- grain, rich color, and stability have won high favor for use in kitchen cabinetry. Cherry ranges in color from white to deep red-brown. It is exceptionally stable and unsurpassed in its finishing qualities. Cherry’s color deepens, mellows, with age due to its unique photosensitivity.

Portofino Hickory

Portofino-Hickory Debut Series

Hickory is a relatively smooth hardwood chosen for its dramatic color and shade variation and its prominent grain. Color can vary from nearly white to medium – brown. Bird pecks, small pin knots, and mineral streaks are common in hickory.


Portofino-Oak Debut Series

Red oak is strong, warm, and open-grained. Because of oak’s open grain it has a semi-smooth feel after it has been finished. Oak stains easily and evenly with a pronounced grain. Some color variation from reddish-tan to medium-brown is possible in its natural state. Occasional pin knots and mineral streaks are also characteristic of oak.