Over 75% Of Homeowners Planning Remodel Want Granite Countertops | Charlotte NC

“Granite Countertops or We Walk!”

This has been the tone for most house hunters in the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. New homes are being built all around NC with granite as a standard option. It only makes sense that if you are upgrading or remodeling your kitchen that you add granite countertops.

Recent reports show that over 75% of homeowners planning a kitchen remodel want granite countertops. And they aren’t shooting for Level I Uba Tuba granite anymore — granite consumer has become more knowledgable and are planning to purchase exotic granite stone colors for their kitchen or bath. This survey shows that no matter what the economy may look like, homeowners are recognizing that granite countertops will enhance the value and visual appeal of their home.

Per a survey taken by Harris Interactive on behalf of The Marble Institute of America found that homeowners agree with the following statements about the natural stone:
• 93 percent said granite countertops are beautiful
• 91 percent said granite countertops are durable
• 89 percent said granite countertops are safe

And 93 percent of homeowners who intend to remodel their kitchens in the next two years
agreed that granite countertops are safe, reflecting the findings of several comprehensive
scientific studies conducted during the past several years.

Some of the most popular colors trending right now in the Charlotte NC areas are: Kashmir White, Magna Sedna, and Millienium Cream.

Kashmir White Granite Countertops
kashmir white granite kitchen resized 600

Magma Senda Granite Countertops
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Millienum Cream Granite Countertops
DSCF8520 resized 600

We custom cut and install granite countertops in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. 
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