Porcelain Countertops Picking up Heat in the US!

Unless you’ve spent a lot of time in European households, you’re probably not super familiar with the concept of porcelain countertops. Sure, many homes in the US have followed the trend of stone countertops — who can blame them? We’ve been serving the Charlotte and Columbia area for more than 30 years with the fabrication and installation of different types of stone.

Naturally, we’re happy to be the natural choice for any folks in the area who are looking to adopt the beautiful European crossover that is porcelain!

For those who are interested in learning more about porcelain countertops and whether or not it would be a good choice for their home, we decided it would be a good idea for us to share the benefits of choosing this type of countertop.

Why is Porcelain Becoming so Popular?

Extremely Durable: Porcelain is made out of a clay that is rich in minerals for both color and durability. Because it’s a non-porous surface, it’s very durable — heat resistant and shock resistant! This makes it rather similar to quartz in that sense.

Aesthetic Variety: The process of fabricating porcelain countertops allows for a high degree of control over the presentation and aesthetic value of the slab, and there is no need to worry about discoloration over time — they even have the capacity to mimic different types of countertops including stone and wood.

Low Maintenance: If you currently have granite countertops, you may know that quite a bit of aftercare is required for beauty preservation. With porcelain, there is no need to do any kind of sealing or take extra steps for stain prevention. These countertops are designed with extra protection in mind.

Larger Surface Area: For bigger projects, much larger slabs of porcelain are available than most of the stone that is on the market — this usually means that you don’t need to invest in multiple slabs for large surface areas, which reduces the potential for seam issues.

With these things in mind, we’re sure that you may be just about ready to have a conversation about getting porcelain in your home. We’d be delighted to have a conversation with you about your options when it comes to porcelain in your home. We’ve been proud to serve the Charlotte/Columbia area for as long as we have — trust us with your consultation by calling 704-721-0001 today!