Porcelain Countertops: The Simplicity!

If you’ve been reading along with some of our updates lately, you’re probably getting a little more familiar with the idea of porcelain countertops. If you’re as of yet unfamiliar, we’re excited to tell you a bit more about this long-standing European trend that is becoming a bigger part of American households during remodel and construction.

As a quick refresher, porcelain is a ceramic clay that is mineral rich and contains kaolinite. Sometimes referred to as china clay, this material is extremely durable, very low maintenance, and offers a lot of customization options in terms of aesthetic value.

When it comes to the installation of countertops — timing can play a huge part during the scheduling period of your remodel or construction. Obviously, it is in the best interest of everyone involved in a construction/remodel project to have an easy and straightforward install. Luckily, the porcelain option is one of the easiest and most straightforward.

The availability of very large slabs (up to 64”x126”) make kitchen island installations much easier, and you must be wondering why! Because slabs of these size are not available when it comes to other countertop materials, one often needs to invest in multiple smaller slabs. This can create issues with seams and alignment when it comes to installation. Of course, those issues are always resolvable. When it comes to the ease of installation, you can certainly count on the availability of lightweight and large slabs of porcelain.

Despite that it is non-porous and dense, porcelain is also extremely lightweight compared to most other countertop options that offer the same aesthetic value. Granite is much heavier and slightly less durable, and quartz is by far one of the heaviest options available on the market.
Porcelain is thereby easier to transport, maneuver into new spaces, and ultimately install.

Many people do not know that porcelain can be installed on top of existing countertops — this takes out SO much of the work that comes with other types of countertops. All other types of stone/material require that the previous countertops are first removed before the installation of the new slab.

We’d love to have a preliminary conversation with you about what porcelain installation would look like in your space. We are prepared to help you bring your dream space to life — are you ready to adopt this option that is rapidly growing in the US? Give us a call today at