What Should a Granite Seam Look Like | Charlotte NC

SeamPhantom3   Find the Seam resized 600Granite seams are a major topic of discussion. When you are in the market for granite countertops, you may discover that your kitchen will need a seam in the granite. If the granite company you buy from does not have the proper equipement or tools, your granite seams may appear less than industry standard. But what is “Industry Standard” for granite seams and how can a granite seam affect the price of your granite countertops project?

Seam Quality
Seam Quality can be measured in several ways. If the seam is visible and very thick, it still may be an industry quality seam. A “nearly invisible” seam can only be achieved using proper granite seam equipment.

Industry Standards are very low when it comes to granite seams. We have the proper technology and equipment to make barely visible seams, while other granite companies may not invest in that type of equipment.

Granite seams will never be “invisible” but if you cannot see the granite seam from the entry point of the kitchen — and have to look from above the area to actually point out the seam — you have a great granite seam.

Color Continuity
Bad Color Match at Seam resized 600The other way to tell what a seam should look like is color continuity. A seam may be up to “industry standards”, however color continuity is questionable. This means that although the seam is not noticable, the two granite pieces are different colors, which quickly give away that there is a seam in place.

The photo to the right shows a granite seam with bad Color Continuity and then the same kitchen with best color match Continuity.

Color continuity can and will have a major effect on the overall cost of a job. Sometimes, to get the best color continuity it requires using more material in order to get the best match color between two pieces of Granite Countertops Charlotte NCgranite. Sometimes with exotic slabs, it is very costly to have a great looking seam with the best color continuity — a two granite slab job now becomes a 3 granite slab job and the cost in material for that job would increase.

There are many other things that can effect the seam, such as location or the type of material used, but when you are having granite countertops installed, it is best to ask where the seam may be so you will know its location beforehand. Also ask if there will be more than 1 seam.

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