Tile Shower Enclosure

Tile is one of the hottest trends in Charlotte right now. One of the top remodel projects homeowners are getting into are remodeling their bathroom from the basic whites and standard tubs to tile floors, tile shower enclosures and tile bathtubs.

Rather than covering your existing bath with another layer of plastic, save money by creating a unique bathroom design.  Not only will you enjoy your new bath tub, but you will be able to sell your home for more. Its true that bathrooms and kitchens are what really sell homes. Transform your bathroom into a unique atmosphere. Unlike other brands that fit a standard plastic covering over your existing bath, we custom design and install tile, granite and other unique options to customize your bathroom. Remodeling your bath is also more affordable. Its the transformation that lasts longer and will be more enjoyable.

It is very easy to convert a standard white bathtub into a tile shower enclosure or even to lay tile around an existing bathtub, that is, if you have the experience to do it. We have been remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for years in the Charlotte area. Check out these photos below of a complete bathroom remodel:

Tile shower enclosuretile shower enclosure

Check out the other part of the bathroom remodel below — change from blue to white walls and granite vanity:

tile shower enclosure

tile shower enclosure

Tile shower enclosures definately add value to your home. If you may be looking to sell your home in the future, a complete remodeled bath will give your home an upper hand against other competing homes.

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