What is the Process When Shopping For Granite Countertops

The Process-When Shopping for Granite Countertops for your Kitchen or Bathroom Project

  1. Call or visit one of our showrooms to discuss your project.
  2. Select your granite from our on site granite yard.template
  3. We will schedule your template appointment at your convenience.
  4. Here we review radiuses, seam locations, overhangs and backsplashes.
  5. Your digitized countertops are downloaded into our computer.
  6. This program records your edge, sink and cooktop selections
  7. Our CAD program guarantees an accurate layout of your kitchen.
  8. The template information is now transferred to our CNC saw.CNC saw
  9. With this computer generated saw we program in the exact placement of each piece.
  10.  We take into consideration the flow or movement of the stone.
  11. This percision cutting guarantees a perfect fit for your countertops.
  12. THe cut pieces are marked with customer name and seam location.
  13. Now the countertops are transferred to our CNC profiler.
  14. This CNC workstation is a computer controled detailer.
  15. Here the edge is profiled and the sink and faucet holes are cut.
  16. The detailer also polishes the countertop edges.
  17. The finished countertops are then transferred to our final inspectors.
  18. An inspection is done and any final touches are made.install gs
  19. Countertops are now ready for the installers.
  20. The countertops are loaded in the morning.
  21. Our installers arrive at your home.
  22. Old countertops are removed, plumbing is disconnected.
  23. New countertops, faucet and sink are installed, plumbing reconnected.

You have your new kitchen, all in one day!

Fireplace and Granite Distributors created this video to help you understand what to expect when shopping for granite countertops for your home.

-The Process

We have a complete selection of granite at our showroom in Concord NC located at 1749 Trinity Church Rd Concord NC 28027 [704] 721-0001

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We do all the fabricating on site with our computer generated systems. We are with you from start to finish. We also have a New Design Location in Charlotte NC located at 8200-D Arrowridge Blvd. Charlotte NC 28273 [704] 588-8939

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Watch the video to see exactly what you can expect when selecting Fireplace and Granite for your project! The Process

We have also published a video on this page giving you an idea what to expect when you have your countertops installed.

Customer in South Charlotte Reviews Fireplace and Granite

The reason why we chose granite versus other options.

We chose granite because we liked its natural stone appearance.
We also considered quartz and silestone but their look had a more manufactured, engineered look.
We did have some concerns until we learned how easy granite is to maintain.

Why we went with Fireplace and Granite.

The cost of granite with Fireplace and Granite was also less costly than estimates of granite, quartz or silestone from other vendors.

The timing of our project (how long a wait to begin, then how long from the beginning of project to the end)

After our call to the showroom, a salesperson arrived within a few days to measure and give us a cost estimate.
After that we went to the showroom and picked our granite piece directly on the lot.
Our kitchen was measured carefully to insure that the granite was cut precisely.
After that, an appointment for installation was made.
From decision time to installation time, approximately 3 weeks.
Granite and new sink was installed in 2 days.  Super!!!

Our Installer was polite, efficent and he did a great job.
We were very pleased with the service and final results from Fireplace and Granite.

We would be more than happy to recommend Fireplace and Granite for future customers.

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This South Charlotte kitchen was created with Uba Tuba Granite on the countertops. The granite was fabricated with a half bull nose edge. A 70/30 sink was installed with a Essen faucet. The backsplash was designed with 4×4 light travertine tiles, two rows of tri color travertine and 1×1 hemp tiles. This is what we call our Showroom Design. Let our Kitchen and Bathroom Design Experts help you create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Total cost of the project $3250




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Visit our wesite at https://www.fireplacecarolina.com to see more examples of granite countertops, granite colors, granite edges and backsplash designs.

Best Granite Countertops in Charlotte NC

Looking for the best Granite Countertops in Charlotte NC?
Your search is over.

Granite Countertops in Charlotte NCHere at Fireplace & Granite Distributors, we provide the best granite countertops in Charlotte NC — from start to finish. Come visit our fabrication location less than 10 minutes fom Concord Mills Mall to see granite countertops in the making, or visit our location in South Charlotte to choose your granite slab from literally thousands of granite slab choices.

When looking for the best granite countertops in Charlotte NC, there are several things you need to consider. Here are the top three:

1) Price 
Price is always an issue when remodeling. Everyone wants the best, but they are not quite sure if they can afford it. When you get quotes from several granite countertop shops, always investigate the material and items being quoted. Does your price include required overhang support? What kind of granite countertop sealer is included? And most importantly, what kind of granite material am I getting? Beware of “too good to be true” low prices such as the common “$29 / sq ft” deals splattered across Charlotte NC on street signs. Sometimes the lowest price is not the best deal due to the quality of the material and craftmanship.

Check out this video, showcasing our competitors granite countertops —and showing what may happen when choosing the lowest price for the lowest quality granite countertops.

2) Granite Quality
When looking for the best granite countertops in Charlotte NC, you need to also investigate the granite countertops material itself. At both of our granite countertops locations in Charlotte, we showcase actual granite slabs so you can pick and choose the slab we will use to custom cut your countertops from. All granite slabs, even of the same granite countertop color, come in different variations of shades, veining or appearance. Granite also comes in different grades of quality. Think similar to the way a diamond comes in different grades from good, better to best and even poor — so does the quality of granite materials. We handpick each slab we carry in stock so you have only the best granite “diamonds” to choose from.

3) Granite Company Reputation
One of the next most important items to investigate is on the granite countertops company themselves. What is their reputation? Google their business name, check through customer reviews online and on AngiesList. Any bad experiences? Beware of granite countertops specialists that are “one man shows” or remodeling businesses that “do it all”. We specialize in granite countertops and install over 700 granite countertops in charlotte nc each year.

(Click here to read all of our Google Reviews online)

Looking for the best granite countertops in charlotte nc?
Call us at 704-721-0001 for a Free Granite Countertops estimate. You can also come by one of our Charlotte locations in person.

We install over 700 granite countertops each year.
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