List of Popular Exotic Granite Countertops Colors | Charlotte NC

So, you want to get granite countertops, but you do not know what color to choose. Maybe you’ve looked at a few exotic granite countertops colors, but you are unsure which one suits your kitchen best — or maybe you just want to see what other granite countertops colors are out there. This list of popular exotic granite countertops colors presents a wide variety of granite countertop colors. 

Granite comes in many, many different types of colors, shades and patterns. No two granite slabs are exactly the same. Even sister slabs from the same quarry will have differences.  Insider Tip:Remember, when choosing the granite for your countertops, always pick the slab that will be used for your countertop to ensure what exact color or patterns you are getting in your countertops!

List of Popular Exotic Granite Countertops Colors:
Colors You May Have Never Heard of OR Dreamed Existed!

1) Juperana Arandis

Juperana Arandis Granite Countertops

2) Golden Storm

Golden Storm Granite Countertops

3) Jasper Santorini Granite

Granite Jasper Santorini Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Color resized 600

4) Delicatus White Granite

Delicatus White Granite resized 600

5) Silver Cream Granite

silver cream granite resized 600

6) Firecracker Red Granite

firecracker red slab resized 600

7) Giallo Beach Granite

giallo beach slab resized 600

8) Wild West Green Granite

wild west green granite resized 600

9) Black Beauty Granite

black beauty granite resized 600

10) Dali’s Dream Granite

dalis dream slab resized 600

11) Aquarius Granite

aquarius granite resized 600

12) Van Gogh Granite

van gogh granite resized 600

13) Golden Marinace Granite

golden marianchi granite resized 600

14) Ilhabella Granite

Ilhabella Granite resized 600

15) Fossil Black Granite

fossil black granite resized 600

16) Green Galaxy Granite

green galaxy granite resized 600

17) Blue Bahia Granite

Blue Bahia Granite resized 600

18) Red Dragon Granite

Red Dragon Granite resized 600

19) Yellow Wood Granite

yellow wood granite resized 600

fusion3 resized 600

And the list does not stop here. There are thousands of different granite colors! Each granite color has its own unique look. Are you looking for granite countertops? What is your favorite granite color listed here?

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