What is the most important room of your home-The kitchen Remodel

What is the most important room of your home-The kitchen.

The kitchen is the central work zone and most commonly used social place of the home. Consider how many times you use this area during the course of the day.  Breakfast, morning paper, coffee, lunch, sort through mail, going over homework with the kids, before, during and after dinner.  When friends and family come to visit, where do you tend to gather? The kitchen, this is why it is referred to as the heart of the home.  This is also the reason the kitchen is the top remodeled room of a home.


It is used by everyone -Whether it is your gourmet indulging husband or your toaster popping Eggo son, the kitchen is visited by family and friends more than any room in your home. It is the most public and yet personal area in your home. Unlike a bedroom, which is more private, the kitchen reflects your taste in more ways than just food selections.


It has a purpose– Like the bathroom which has a unique function; the kitchen is designed for preparing, serving and storing food.  Even if you are a microwave master, you still need this room for cooking, eating and cleaning up after your meal.


It is a Showpiece– Kitchens are the main focus when buying or selling a home.  They are the most visited and remembered room.  A kitchen, by far, reflects the homeowner’s colors, styles and personality. The first room to receive any type of upgrade will be the kitchen due to this.

It is a must-While many rooms in your home can be used as a replacement of others. A bedroom for example, can be used as a den, office or even as a family room or vice versa. The kitchens along with the bathroom are designed to function for that purpose only. While the kitchen, with larger floor plans and added desktop designs, have the distinction of becoming the most versatile room in the home. It can be used not only as a place for meals, but also as an office, a get together, even a place to watch the evening news.


It is Unique-It is the only room in your home where you have so many options to show off your taste and styles. You can create a dream kitchen by selecting the type of appliances, dining furniture, flooring, decorative trim, cabinets, hardware, lighting, countertopssinksfaucetsbacksplash designs and wall coloring. Imagine what even a little change could make. No other room in your house has so many options for being creative. And what better room to show off your style than the most visited place in the home.


It is Universal-House’s all over the world, have some form of a kitchen, making it into a home. Consider this when reading this article or sitting down tonight for that evening meal. What does your kitchen say about you?  What might you change, a little or a lot?

A lot has change in the housing industry but one thing remains the constant, the kitchen is the main focal point of the home and it is a beneficial place to make any improvements.

We have been in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry for over 15 years and have helped homeowners with everything from simple mini make-overs to major renovations.  Are you considering a project but need ideas? Our design specialist can help you; we can show you everything you will need to create that dream kitchen. Flooring-Hardwood and Tile, Cabinets and Hardware, Countertops-Granite, Marble, Silestone, Quartz and Soapstone, Faucet and SinksBacksplash-Travertine,stone,glass and slate.

Reface or Replace Cabinets

When choosing to reface or replace your kitchen cabinets, there are a few things you need to know.

First off, the price of replacing and refacing your cabinets are not that different. In some cases, like we have seen with our own customers, refacing can costs hundreds to a thousand dollars more, yet you are actually receiving a lot less.

Secondly, refacing your cabinets will not get rid of any problems that cannot be seen—problems such as mold. We work with many plumbers in the Charlotte area and have spoken to them on the benefits of refacing and replacing cabinets. Most agree it is best to replace because of the hidden water damage they see so regularly that goes unseen between the back of the cabinet and your wall. Because of the water damage, you could be hiding a severe mold problem, and never know it.

Choosing to Reface or Replace Your Cabinets

Does anyone in your family have allergies? If so, replacing may be the best option, just to ensure that any hidden mold behind your cabinets is removed and water damage can be repaired.

Here are some more photos of mold hidden behind cabinets. If you reface your cabinets, you would never discover this problem, and the problem would not be removd. Even if you don’t notice it now, water damage and mold, if not treated or fixed, will continue to grow into a larger health issue. The mold can also eat into your walls and cause more significant damage that will in turn cause you to replace your cabinets or more at a later time.

Reface or Replace Kitchen Cabinets

Reface or Replace Kitchen Cabients

Another benefit of replacing your cabinets is the privledge to pick out the stain finish of your new cabinets, design options, and the fun you will have while the work is being done. Plus, the bragging benefits that come with it to show off your newly remodeled kitchen or bath after it is completed.

Replacing cabinets does not take much time. A regular size kitchen can have the old cabinets removed, new cabinets installed and new tops installed sometimes in the very same day — giving you access to your kitchen immediately. We value your time and understand the need to have your kitchen functioning — so we always work our best with your schedule to finish a project quickly.

The latest kitchen remodel we completed was in the Charlotte neighborhood Highland Creek. Our installers arrived promply at 8AM in the morning, tore out the old cabinets and countertops, installed the new cabinets and granite countertops — and were completed before 5PM the same day. We even scheduled a plumber to come out the same day — so this homeowner’s kitchen was up and running by the time we left. Photos are below showing the before — an all white kitchen, and the after — a spice maple color cabinet and new granite countertops:

Highland Creek Concord Charlotte - Before Photo Highland Creek Cabinet Replace After Photo

There are definately many benefits to replacing cabinets rather than refacing.

1) Why reface when you can replace for less and get MORE? — Generally the cost is the same, or replacing could even cost LESS

2) Refacing only covers up problems — Refacing cabinets will not get rid of unwanted mold, hidden damage or water problems — Even if these problems are unseen, only replacing will find what is hidden between the walls and cabinet or under the cabinet. These problems, if left ignored, will litterally grow and spread into a larger issue.

3) Replacing gives you options — Design your kitchen the way you want it, with the colors you want. Personalize your kitchen from dull, boring, and ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY, classy, and then take the bragging rights that come with it.

I hope this helps you decide when it comes to refacing or replacing your kitchen cabinets. Refacing only covers up problems, while replacing will give you new options, design features, benefits and a beautiful, clean kitchen that everyone can enjoy.