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charlotte granite countertopsSo, you want granite countertops? But you aren’t sure where to start, right? I mean, what is “price per square foot” anyway and “aren’t all granite countertops the same?” There are many misconceptions when buying granite countertops — but I’ve been in the business long enough to help you through some of the loops other companies in Charlotte NC may try to pull over your head. So if you are ready, here are the answers to 2 of our most common questions about granite and the honest to truth answers:

1) Granite “Price Per Square Foot” — why is it so confusing?
Many Charlotte Granite Countertops companies price their granite for granite countertops by the square foot. This is a very common yet very old school way to price out granite countertops. When a granite countertops company buys their granite, they are charged a per square foot price or complete slab price by the granite slab distributor. Charlotte Granite Countertops companies then take that price, add in profits or costs for overhead and then sell the granite slab itself to you at a “price per square foot”. This pricing can be confusing to new granite countertops buyers because although you are buying the granite “per square foot” — typically that is all you are buying. Most Charlotte Granite Countertops companies do not include installation, taxes, fabrication of the granite, custom cutting, sink, sink cuts and more in that price per square foot.

(We are unlike all other Charlotte Granite Countertops companies. We do not use low price per square foot tactics to get your attention — instead we offer 1 price, 1 bottom line all inclusive granite package deal. No gimmicks or upsells, or confusing low prices that add up to 10 times the amount later on. See our all inclusive granite countertops package deal here.)

2) Whats the point in shopping around for Granite? Aren’t all granite countertops the same?
No, all granite countertops are NOT created equal. It is very important to shop around to different Charlotte Granite Countertops companies and investigate their reputation, tools, fabrication shop, references and more. So, the Charlotte Granite Countertops company you got an estimate from has given you a great price, whats next? Ask them what is included in that great price — how is the granite going to be fabricated? Do they have a granite fabrication shop? If so, what tools are they using? Is everything cut by hand, or do they actually have a state of the art granite cutting / planning tool such as a CNC machine?

(Again, unlike all other Charlotte Granite Countertops companies, we use state of the art fabrication equipment, materials and tools to custom cut to perfection your granite countertops. All countertops are measured with a laser templating machine, which gives us the exact, accurate dimentions for your countertops. That information is loaded onto a computer with a custom granite fabrication modules that help design your kitchen countertops — from slab to your home. Then the countertops are cut using our state of the art CNC equipment. See the differences between other shops and ours here.)

Choosing the right granite countertops fabricator in Charlotte NC can be a daunting task. Thats why, here at Fireplace & Granite Countertops of Charlotte, we make things easy for you. We take the mystery or questions out of the purchase — we want you to have the best granite countertops at the best price possible. Come in to one of our several locations to view real 3CM Granite slabs that you can choose from for your own countertop project or Request a free estimate today.