5 Fun Reasons to Remodel | Charlotte Remodeling

Tons of Charlotte homeowners are starting to remodel their homes — their first stop  Take advantage of your time while the ‘market’ is ‘down’ — remodeling will increase your homes value INSTANTLY.

There are many practical reasons to remodel the kitchen but sometimes there are reasons that are just FUN!

Here are a few:

Bragging Rights: Naturally, when you remodel the kitchen, you get to brag about it to family, friends, and neighbors. You can have people over for coffee, just to show off your new kitchen and you can find other reasons to have people come in for a minute, and show of your handiwork!

Entertaining Guests: When you have a dinner party, a barbeque, or even some houseguests for a weekend, you can take pride in your new kitchen with the new faucet, sink, counter tops, and maybe even new cabinets. The sky’s the limit when it comes to remodeling the kitchen, because although it is FUN, it will STILL increase the resale value of the home!

Hearing Guests “Ooh & Aah!”: When the people do come over, whether to have coffee, or even to spend the summer (yikes!) they will probably “Ooh and Aah” depending on how great the new kitchen looks! Guests do not have to know that you saved a bundle of money!

Brighter, Happier Colors: You can use the opportunity to replace the old, drab colors of the kitchen that came with the house, with exciting new colors throughout the entire kitchen, depending on what you are replacing!

Makes A Awesome Gift: If you REALLY want to “score points” with your spouse or kids or parents, and it is time for a HUGE gift, then a new kitchen is always a Grand Gesture! You will be so happy to see the huge smiles on their faces after the job is completed!

So, there you go..five fun and awesome reasons to get busy planning the new kitchen — lets get started!