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Tile Backsplash DesignThere is so much to learn when choosing your tile backsplash, especially if you are adding it to go with your new granite countertops. One of the first things to consider is color or shadingDo you want the tile to match your granite countertops or do you want the colors to contrast with your granite countertops?When deciding this, you must take into consideration your wall, cabinet, floor, and granite color.

For example:  A kitchen with white cabinets, dark granite countertops and dark floors may look best with a contrasting lighter tile color.  The color difference between the dark countertops and light background would make both items stick out, while still complimenting the entire kitchen.

Another item to consider when choosing your tile backsplash is the size and shape of your tile. Smaller kitchens usually work well with 4 x 4 squares or subway tiles, while larger kitchens can handle any size or larger tile shapes. Tile Design CharlotteWhen choosing the size, take into consideration the height from the surface of your countertops to the bottom of your upper cabinets.  If you have 18″ or less, small tiles, like 4 x 4 or smaller, will be able to be shown completely, whereas larger size tiles may have to be cut to fit the smaller space. 4 x 4 tiles or subway tiles tend to look best with smaller heights. If you have 18″ of space or larger, between the countertop and cabinet, then you will have more space to show the complete tile and more of the tile pattern.

If you have any questions with the height between your countertop and cabinet, please call us and a design specialist, such as myself, can help you with your tile design and show you what tiles would fit best for your space.

Another thing to consider when making your decision is whether to use ceramic tile or natural tile. Ceramic tile has easier maintenance than the natural tile, but with the right sealer on your natural tile, the natural tile can be just as easy. Ceramic tiles also come in glossy, semi-glossy, & matte finishes. Natural tiles tend to have pits and crevasses, which would be filled in with grout to complete the tile. You will have more choices in color when using ceramic tile but, with the right assistance, you can also find the perfect color in natural tile as well.

Choosing your tile backsplash can be a time consuming task but it can be a fun process. The best thing to know is that there are many options regarding tile color, design and sizes to choose from. It may take a few different times reviewing shapes, sizes, designs and colors before finding the perfect tile backsplash and granite combination.

Here are some photos of different granite countertops and tile backsplashes designs we have installed:

Tile Design Charlotte

Charlotte Subway Tile Design

Granite Countertop with Tile Design

Tropic Brown Granite with Tile Design - Charlotte

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