Granite Kitchen Design | Granite Countertops

Kashmir Gold Granite Countertop1 resized 600One of my favorite things about granite countertops is the fact that granite can be cut or shaped to almost any form for your kitchen.

Lets say you have a bar top that you do not like — its small and not very useful. You could easily cut down that bar top and then when you measure for your granite to be installed, allow the granite countertop to cover the entire surface of the cabinets, even extending out beyond where that bar top originally was.

Granite countertops are very durable and have a very pleasing look. You can find granite countertops in almost any color — from beautiful dark blues to greens, whites and golds. So when you are looking to remodel or update the look of your home, think of granite and the endless design possibilities. Just because you are getting new countertops, does not mean you have to have the same size and shape as your old countertops!

Granite Kitchen Design2Take a look at this photo to the right. This homeowner chose a very different look to her island. Once a small, average island is now transformed into an island plus seating area for two. With the right supports underneath, this piece of granite acts like an attached table. This gives her kitchen a very unique design and customized to her needs.

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Granite countertops are a unique way to express yourself. Not just by the color you choose but even the additional design elements that can be added!