The Truth About Granite and Radon/Radiation

granite slabs

The Marble Institute of America has initiated test on Environmental Health issues in regards to granite.

This updated video discusses the tests results.

As a Granite and Stone Installation company of the Charlotte NC area, we feel the need to present this information to the consumer concerned about rumored radiation levels occurring in natural granite stones. These granites are used for countertops and flooring in many Charlotte homes. This addresses concerns about radiation levels in these granites. Please watch the video and read the brochure published by the Marble Institute of America

Some Questions answered in this Brochure

 What is radon?

How dangerous is radon?

How much radon is being emitted by my

granite countertop?

How can I be absolutely sure my countertop
is safe?

What about food that is prepared directly
on the granite surface?

Is there a chance that
it could absorb radioactive energy, which later
would be ingested by those eating the food?

If you have further questions about radon and

granite, contact the Marble Institute of America

at 440-250-9222, send an email to, or visit