Best Granite Countertops in Charlotte NC

Looking for the best Granite Countertops in Charlotte NC?
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Granite Countertops in Charlotte NCHere at Fireplace & Granite Distributors, we provide the best granite countertops in Charlotte NC — from start to finish. Come visit our fabrication location less than 10 minutes fom Concord Mills Mall to see granite countertops in the making, or visit our location in South Charlotte to choose your granite slab from literally thousands of granite slab choices.

When looking for the best granite countertops in Charlotte NC, there are several things you need to consider. Here are the top three:

1) Price 
Price is always an issue when remodeling. Everyone wants the best, but they are not quite sure if they can afford it. When you get quotes from several granite countertop shops, always investigate the material and items being quoted. Does your price include required overhang support? What kind of granite countertop sealer is included? And most importantly, what kind of granite material am I getting? Beware of “too good to be true” low prices such as the common “$29 / sq ft” deals splattered across Charlotte NC on street signs. Sometimes the lowest price is not the best deal due to the quality of the material and craftmanship.

Check out this video, showcasing our competitors granite countertops —and showing what may happen when choosing the lowest price for the lowest quality granite countertops.

2) Granite Quality
When looking for the best granite countertops in Charlotte NC, you need to also investigate the granite countertops material itself. At both of our granite countertops locations in Charlotte, we showcase actual granite slabs so you can pick and choose the slab we will use to custom cut your countertops from. All granite slabs, even of the same granite countertop color, come in different variations of shades, veining or appearance. Granite also comes in different grades of quality. Think similar to the way a diamond comes in different grades from good, better to best and even poor — so does the quality of granite materials. We handpick each slab we carry in stock so you have only the best granite “diamonds” to choose from.

3) Granite Company Reputation
One of the next most important items to investigate is on the granite countertops company themselves. What is their reputation? Google their business name, check through customer reviews online and on AngiesList. Any bad experiences? Beware of granite countertops specialists that are “one man shows” or remodeling businesses that “do it all”. We specialize in granite countertops and install over 700 granite countertops in charlotte nc each year.

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Looking for the best granite countertops in charlotte nc?
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We install over 700 granite countertops each year.
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