3 Ways to Pick the Right Granite Color for Your Kitchen Countertops

Choosing Granite Countertops ColorCongratulations on the decision to get granite countertops! You are going to LOVE them — but wait, you don’t know what granite color you want yet? That’s not unusual. There are so many granite countertop colors to choose from — litterally hundreds of thousands. 

Here are the top 3 ways to pick the right granite countertops color for your kitchen:

1) Price.
Sometimes price can easily be a determining factor for what granite color you select. Example: I bet you love that Cinderella Blue granite — but I also bet you will not like the price. Just because the granite is expensive, does not mean you shouldn’t get it, but if budget only allows for a price range of $30 – $40 sq ft then you need to keep your eyes on the Level I – Level II granite countertops colors. (Don’t worry, there are still MANY options to choose from within these two levels that you will also fall in love with.)

2) Color.
Granite Countertops ColorsLook around your home now. What is the current color theme of the kitchen or adjoining rooms? Just because your eye loves the green in the Verde Butterfly doesn’t mean that green will match your current light blue country decor. Think about the overall look your kitchen will take on when the granite is installed. Take samples home of the granite colors you are interested in and match it to your wallpaper, wall paint, floors and cabinets. You can also bring in a cabinet door when you look at the granite slabs to see how the colors match up.

3) Ask!
A great way to determine if the granite colors you are interested in will fit your home is to ask your friends, our design specialists and your family. You can even visit an online forum like the kitchen and bath forum on gardenwebs.com for the advice of homeowners all over the world. Get quality opinions so you can be sure you are not just choosing a color you love, but a granite color that will improve the look of your home. Sometimes you do have to take resell value into consideration when buying granite countertops. Do not pick something so unique that it may only fit your tastes, but think of a potential buyer.

Choosing to have granite countertops installed is a great choice that will improve the look of your home as well as increase the overall value of your home. The hardest part about getting granite is to choose the granite color! Use these three tips above to help make your choice and you will have a beautiful kitchen in no time! (Or in as little as just one day if you buy from us!)

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What Should a Granite Seam Look Like | Charlotte NC

SeamPhantom3   Find the Seam resized 600Granite seams are a major topic of discussion. When you are in the market for granite countertops, you may discover that your kitchen will need a seam in the granite. If the granite company you buy from does not have the proper equipement or tools, your granite seams may appear less than industry standard. But what is “Industry Standard” for granite seams and how can a granite seam affect the price of your granite countertops project?

Seam Quality
Seam Quality can be measured in several ways. If the seam is visible and very thick, it still may be an industry quality seam. A “nearly invisible” seam can only be achieved using proper granite seam equipment.

Industry Standards are very low when it comes to granite seams. We have the proper technology and equipment to make barely visible seams, while other granite companies may not invest in that type of equipment.

Granite seams will never be “invisible” but if you cannot see the granite seam from the entry point of the kitchen — and have to look from above the area to actually point out the seam — you have a great granite seam.

Color Continuity
Bad Color Match at Seam resized 600The other way to tell what a seam should look like is color continuity. A seam may be up to “industry standards”, however color continuity is questionable. This means that although the seam is not noticable, the two granite pieces are different colors, which quickly give away that there is a seam in place.

The photo to the right shows a granite seam with bad Color Continuity and then the same kitchen with best color match Continuity.

Color continuity can and will have a major effect on the overall cost of a job. Sometimes, to get the best color continuity it requires using more material in order to get the best match color between two pieces of Granite Countertops Charlotte NCgranite. Sometimes with exotic slabs, it is very costly to have a great looking seam with the best color continuity — a two granite slab job now becomes a 3 granite slab job and the cost in material for that job would increase.

There are many other things that can effect the seam, such as location or the type of material used, but when you are having granite countertops installed, it is best to ask where the seam may be so you will know its location beforehand. Also ask if there will be more than 1 seam.

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Several Reasons You Should Invest in Granite Countertops | Charlotte NC

Beside for the obvious reasons to invest in granite — such as to increase your home’s value or because granite is really attractive — here are several reasons you should install granite countertops into your home. Feel free to print this list and show it at your next “family meeting” to prove your home needs Granite Countertops ASAP!

Granite Countertops Charlotte NC1) To Keep Up With The “Times”
Most new homes today are being built with granite countertops as an upgrade or even a standard feature. Although Granite Countertops will help increase the value of your home, should you ever decide to sell your home in the future, you may have a hard time competing with other homes on the market if they already have granite countertops. When some homes are being sold now, home buyers may push for discounts based upon their dispute for new countertops. Think forward to your future – don’t get granite countertops just to increase your home value, or as an investment, but also to stay competitive in the real estate market. In a way this may sound like “keeping up with the Jones'” but in reality you are pushing yourself ahead and staying up to date.

2) Durable Surface for Families
If you are expecting to have children, already have children, or even just a messy spouse, granite countertops are an ideal surface for common household “abuse”. Although you should not bang on granite with a hammer (as you shouldn’t with any other countertops), granite is a very durable material that can take common household abuse. It is more commonly heard of to break a glass on the countertop than to break the granite countertop itself. And did we mention that granite lasts just about “forever”? Oh wait..thats the next point:

3) Granite’s Life Expectancy: Forever
Before granite countertops are installed in your home, they are already over 100 years old, or even older. Granite is formed deep beneath the surface of the ground and is found all over the world in various places from here in the United States to China and Brazil and more. While laminate countertops could last 10 to 15 years before really needing replacement, granite countertops will last you your lifetime and many, many lifetimes after you.

4) Cost of Granite vs Other Countertops options
Granite does not cost as much as you think, or as much as it used to. Our average granite kitchen cost is around $1599 – $2400. Of course the price of granite countertops will be based upon the size of your kitchen (mainly the square footage of your countertops), granite countertops are very affordable when compared to laminate, concrete, tile or any other countertops option. Say you spend $2000 on laminate countertops, while granite may have cost you $2500 — laminate will need to be replaced in 10 – 15 years, costing you yet ANOTHER $2000, while if you had granite countertops installed — your initial investment would have been your only investment.

Granite Countertops are not only a great investment option for your home, but they last forever, are very durable, and will help your home stay competitive in the home market. 

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