Customer in South Charlotte Reviews Fireplace and Granite

The reason why we chose granite versus other options.

We chose granite because we liked its natural stone appearance.
We also considered quartz and silestone but their look had a more manufactured, engineered look.
We did have some concerns until we learned how easy granite is to maintain.

Why we went with Fireplace and Granite.

The cost of granite with Fireplace and Granite was also less costly than estimates of granite, quartz or silestone from other vendors.

The timing of our project (how long a wait to begin, then how long from the beginning of project to the end)

After our call to the showroom, a salesperson arrived within a few days to measure and give us a cost estimate.
After that we went to the showroom and picked our granite piece directly on the lot.
Our kitchen was measured carefully to insure that the granite was cut precisely.
After that, an appointment for installation was made.
From decision time to installation time, approximately 3 weeks.
Granite and new sink was installed in 2 days.  Super!!!

Our Installer was polite, efficent and he did a great job.
We were very pleased with the service and final results from Fireplace and Granite.

We would be more than happy to recommend Fireplace and Granite for future customers.

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This South Charlotte kitchen was created with Uba Tuba Granite on the countertops. The granite was fabricated with a half bull nose edge. A 70/30 sink was installed with a Essen faucet. The backsplash was designed with 4×4 light travertine tiles, two rows of tri color travertine and 1×1 hemp tiles. This is what we call our Showroom Design. Let our Kitchen and Bathroom Design Experts help you create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. Total cost of the project $3250




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Granite countertops Care

granite countertops Granite countertops Care

Granite is a very durable material, making it a popular choice for many homeowners, builders and even rental properties. The lasting quality and beauty of this stone makes it a wonderful material to use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Caring for granite, marble, quartz, Silverstone and other solid surface vary in some degree; this is because some stones are more porous than others. Dark granite colors for example are less porous than lighter granite colors. We will discuss more about this in an upcoming post. Using a general care guide for all stone surfaces you can avoid major care problems in the future.

Wipe up spills has they happen, some liquids like coffee, wine and juices if left unattended can stain the surfaces.

Use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe away the stains. Avoid abrasive cleaning sponges or cleaners, these can dull the surface of the stone.

Hot water will usually do the trick for spills, use dish soap and water sparingly, although it can be used, it will leave a residue, even when rinsed.

Avoid cleaning product that contains bleach or ammonia. These cleaning products can damage the stone surface.

As a general rule hot water is your best tool for “on the spot” cleaning. There are many granite cleaning products made specifically for these stone. We recommend having at least one of these products on hand, for a weekly maintenance cleaning.

If your kitchen is a busy place and some spills are unavoidable, like grease spills, wipe off the spill with hot water and a degreasing agent, I personally recommend dawn dish soap-the original blue product. Just remember that dish soap products will leave some residue, so rinse well.

We strongly recommend using cutting board when working in the kitchen. Not only will this keep acidic liquids from getting on the countertop, cutting on granite countertops will actually dull the knife blade.

Use hot pads under pot and pans placed on your countertop, you can not burn the stone surface, {unless you’re cooking with a blow torch!} This will prevent foods trapped under the pots or pans from scratching the countertop surface.

As you can see for the most part granite countertops are very easy to maintain. This is one of the best qualities of stone countertops. With a little care, your investment will probably outlast any other home improvement you will do.

Okay, so you’ve taken all the steps to keep your surface free from stains and damage, but you have kids or that husband that just forgets sometimes. In our next post we’ll go over some of the ways to fix problems stains and scratches. Granite sealers will also be an upcoming topic. So please check back often. I would love to hear any comments or questions, please feel free to post those to me.

We at Fireplace and Granite Distributors of the Carolinas have put together a

Granite top and Sink Care Guide” free for downloading.

Just click on the button below.

Granitetop and sink care guide 

Upcoming Post;

How to remove stains on Granite

Stainless Steel Sink Care

Granite-To seal or not to seal

Granite Grades

FOR MORE INFORMATION-About Granite Care-We Suggest the following links;

The Truth About Granite and Radon/Radiation

granite slabs

The Marble Institute of America has initiated test on Environmental Health issues in regards to granite.

This updated video discusses the tests results.

As a Granite and Stone Installation company of the Charlotte NC area, we feel the need to present this information to the consumer concerned about rumored radiation levels occurring in natural granite stones. These granites are used for countertops and flooring in many Charlotte homes. This addresses concerns about radiation levels in these granites. Please watch the video and read the brochure published by the Marble Institute of America

Some Questions answered in this Brochure

 What is radon?

How dangerous is radon?

How much radon is being emitted by my

granite countertop?

How can I be absolutely sure my countertop
is safe?

What about food that is prepared directly
on the granite surface?

Is there a chance that
it could absorb radioactive energy, which later
would be ingested by those eating the food?

If you have further questions about radon and

granite, contact the Marble Institute of America

at 440-250-9222, send an email to, or visit

Over 75% Of Homeowners Planning Remodel Want Granite Countertops | Charlotte NC

“Granite Countertops or We Walk!”

This has been the tone for most house hunters in the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. New homes are being built all around NC with granite as a standard option. It only makes sense that if you are upgrading or remodeling your kitchen that you add granite countertops.

Recent reports show that over 75% of homeowners planning a kitchen remodel want granite countertops. And they aren’t shooting for Level I Uba Tuba granite anymore — granite consumer has become more knowledgable and are planning to purchase exotic granite stone colors for their kitchen or bath. This survey shows that no matter what the economy may look like, homeowners are recognizing that granite countertops will enhance the value and visual appeal of their home.

Per a survey taken by Harris Interactive on behalf of The Marble Institute of America found that homeowners agree with the following statements about the natural stone:
• 93 percent said granite countertops are beautiful
• 91 percent said granite countertops are durable
• 89 percent said granite countertops are safe

And 93 percent of homeowners who intend to remodel their kitchens in the next two years
agreed that granite countertops are safe, reflecting the findings of several comprehensive
scientific studies conducted during the past several years.

Some of the most popular colors trending right now in the Charlotte NC areas are: Kashmir White, Magna Sedna, and Millienium Cream.

Kashmir White Granite Countertops
kashmir white granite kitchen resized 600

Magma Senda Granite Countertops
DSCF5060 resized 600

Millienum Cream Granite Countertops
DSCF8520 resized 600

We custom cut and install granite countertops in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. 
Are you looking for granite countertops for your home? Call us at 704-721-0001 for a Free Estimate.

3 Unique Colors for Granite Countertops in Charlotte NC

If you have already done some research on Granite Countertops in Charlotte NC, you have probably already seen the majority of the so called “popular” granite colors. These granite colors range from a variation of Uba Tuba, Wheatfield, Santa Cecilia, New Venetian Gold and more. But what if you want a different granite countertops color? 

Here are 3 Unique and beautiful Color Choices for Granite Countertops in Charlotte NC that won’t break the bank:

1) Colonial Gold Granite Countertops

Also called “River Gold”, Colonial Gold Granite Countertops consists of off white stone with golden amber highlights, light gray quartz deposits, and burgundy clustering. This unique granite color is typically still within Level II pricing. The colors add a creative touch of granite veining, gold highlights and unique patterns.

colonial gold granite charlotte nc 72312 resized 600

colonial gold granite charlotte nc 72312 b resized 600

2) Yellow Butterfly Granite Countertops
Yellow Butterfly is very similar to Verde Butterfly — except its Yellow/Gold, not green! These big arregates of butterflies throughout the granite give this granite color a unique look. The patterns and colors are very similar to higher grade granites such as Giallo Napoleon or Gilloa Fiorito. With this granite you get the gold coloring, unique patterns, while still keeping a great price.

yellowbutterflygranitecountertops723 resized 600

3) Star Beach Granite Countertops
No other granite will take you back to the beach like Star Beach Granite Countertops. This granite will easily remind you of the beautiful summer sands near any beach, while still presenting your kitchen with a unique granite countertops color.

starbeach granite countertops charlotte 723 resized 600

Are you looking for Granite Countertops in Charlotte NC or surrounding areas? 
We are Charlotte NC’s best Granite Countertops fabricator and installer. Each year we fabricate and install over 1000 granite countertops — will yours be next?
Call us at 704-721-0001 for a free estimate — and don’t forget to leave us a comment below on which of the above granite colors are your favorite!

3) Star Beach Granite Countertops
No other granite will take you back to the beach like Star Beach Granite Countertops. This granite will easily remind you of the beautiful summer sands near any beach, while still presenting your kitchen with a unique granite countertops color.

starbeach granite countertops charlotte 723 resized 600

Are you looking for Granite Countertops in Charlotte NC or surrounding areas? 
We are Charlotte NC’s best Granite Countertops fabricator and installer. Each year we fabricate and install over 1000 granite countertops — will yours be next?
Call us at 704-721-0001 for a free estimate — and don’t forget to leave us a comment below on which of the above granite colors are your favorite!

Several Reasons You Should Invest in Granite Countertops | Charlotte NC

Beside for the obvious reasons to invest in granite — such as to increase your home’s value or because granite is really attractive — here are several reasons you should install granite countertops into your home. Feel free to print this list and show it at your next “family meeting” to prove your home needs Granite Countertops ASAP!

Granite Countertops Charlotte NC1) To Keep Up With The “Times”
Most new homes today are being built with granite countertops as an upgrade or even a standard feature. Although Granite Countertops will help increase the value of your home, should you ever decide to sell your home in the future, you may have a hard time competing with other homes on the market if they already have granite countertops. When some homes are being sold now, home buyers may push for discounts based upon their dispute for new countertops. Think forward to your future – don’t get granite countertops just to increase your home value, or as an investment, but also to stay competitive in the real estate market. In a way this may sound like “keeping up with the Jones'” but in reality you are pushing yourself ahead and staying up to date.

2) Durable Surface for Families
If you are expecting to have children, already have children, or even just a messy spouse, granite countertops are an ideal surface for common household “abuse”. Although you should not bang on granite with a hammer (as you shouldn’t with any other countertops), granite is a very durable material that can take common household abuse. It is more commonly heard of to break a glass on the countertop than to break the granite countertop itself. And did we mention that granite lasts just about “forever”? Oh wait..thats the next point:

3) Granite’s Life Expectancy: Forever
Before granite countertops are installed in your home, they are already over 100 years old, or even older. Granite is formed deep beneath the surface of the ground and is found all over the world in various places from here in the United States to China and Brazil and more. While laminate countertops could last 10 to 15 years before really needing replacement, granite countertops will last you your lifetime and many, many lifetimes after you.

4) Cost of Granite vs Other Countertops options
Granite does not cost as much as you think, or as much as it used to. Our average granite kitchen cost is around $1599 – $2400. Of course the price of granite countertops will be based upon the size of your kitchen (mainly the square footage of your countertops), granite countertops are very affordable when compared to laminate, concrete, tile or any other countertops option. Say you spend $2000 on laminate countertops, while granite may have cost you $2500 — laminate will need to be replaced in 10 – 15 years, costing you yet ANOTHER $2000, while if you had granite countertops installed — your initial investment would have been your only investment.

Granite Countertops are not only a great investment option for your home, but they last forever, are very durable, and will help your home stay competitive in the home market. 

Live in Charlotte NC or surrounding areas?
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Granite Kitchen Design | Granite Countertops

Kashmir Gold Granite Countertop1 resized 600One of my favorite things about granite countertops is the fact that granite can be cut or shaped to almost any form for your kitchen.

Lets say you have a bar top that you do not like — its small and not very useful. You could easily cut down that bar top and then when you measure for your granite to be installed, allow the granite countertop to cover the entire surface of the cabinets, even extending out beyond where that bar top originally was.

Granite countertops are very durable and have a very pleasing look. You can find granite countertops in almost any color — from beautiful dark blues to greens, whites and golds. So when you are looking to remodel or update the look of your home, think of granite and the endless design possibilities. Just because you are getting new countertops, does not mean you have to have the same size and shape as your old countertops!

Granite Kitchen Design2Take a look at this photo to the right. This homeowner chose a very different look to her island. Once a small, average island is now transformed into an island plus seating area for two. With the right supports underneath, this piece of granite acts like an attached table. This gives her kitchen a very unique design and customized to her needs.

Have an idea for your granite countertop project? Let us know!
Granite countertops are a unique way to express yourself. Not just by the color you choose but even the additional design elements that can be added!

Charlotte Granite Countertops | Charlotte NC

charlotte granite countertopsSo, you want granite countertops? But you aren’t sure where to start, right? I mean, what is “price per square foot” anyway and “aren’t all granite countertops the same?” There are many misconceptions when buying granite countertops — but I’ve been in the business long enough to help you through some of the loops other companies in Charlotte NC may try to pull over your head. So if you are ready, here are the answers to 2 of our most common questions about granite and the honest to truth answers:

1) Granite “Price Per Square Foot” — why is it so confusing?
Many Charlotte Granite Countertops companies price their granite for granite countertops by the square foot. This is a very common yet very old school way to price out granite countertops. When a granite countertops company buys their granite, they are charged a per square foot price or complete slab price by the granite slab distributor. Charlotte Granite Countertops companies then take that price, add in profits or costs for overhead and then sell the granite slab itself to you at a “price per square foot”. This pricing can be confusing to new granite countertops buyers because although you are buying the granite “per square foot” — typically that is all you are buying. Most Charlotte Granite Countertops companies do not include installation, taxes, fabrication of the granite, custom cutting, sink, sink cuts and more in that price per square foot.

(We are unlike all other Charlotte Granite Countertops companies. We do not use low price per square foot tactics to get your attention — instead we offer 1 price, 1 bottom line all inclusive granite package deal. No gimmicks or upsells, or confusing low prices that add up to 10 times the amount later on. See our all inclusive granite countertops package deal here.)

2) Whats the point in shopping around for Granite? Aren’t all granite countertops the same?
No, all granite countertops are NOT created equal. It is very important to shop around to different Charlotte Granite Countertops companies and investigate their reputation, tools, fabrication shop, references and more. So, the Charlotte Granite Countertops company you got an estimate from has given you a great price, whats next? Ask them what is included in that great price — how is the granite going to be fabricated? Do they have a granite fabrication shop? If so, what tools are they using? Is everything cut by hand, or do they actually have a state of the art granite cutting / planning tool such as a CNC machine?

(Again, unlike all other Charlotte Granite Countertops companies, we use state of the art fabrication equipment, materials and tools to custom cut to perfection your granite countertops. All countertops are measured with a laser templating machine, which gives us the exact, accurate dimentions for your countertops. That information is loaded onto a computer with a custom granite fabrication modules that help design your kitchen countertops — from slab to your home. Then the countertops are cut using our state of the art CNC equipment. See the differences between other shops and ours here.)

Choosing the right granite countertops fabricator in Charlotte NC can be a daunting task. Thats why, here at Fireplace & Granite Countertops of Charlotte, we make things easy for you. We take the mystery or questions out of the purchase — we want you to have the best granite countertops at the best price possible. Come in to one of our several locations to view real 3CM Granite slabs that you can choose from for your own countertop project or Request a free estimate today.

Granite Countertops | Mooresville NC

Granite Countertops Mooresville NC

There are many benefits to having granite countertops installed in your Mooresville NC or Charlotte NC home. Some of the benefits include not only enhancing or refreshing the look of your kitchen, but also increasing your homes value. Granite Countertops are one of the only home improvements that will increase your homes value instantly after installation.

So when you are ready to install granite countertops, what color do you choose? Choosing your granite countertops color is not as hard as

you may think. There are many different colors that may compliment your current home decor or may contrast against your current cabinet color. Here are some of our newest and most popular granite countertops colors in Mooresville NC:

Granite Countertops Mooresville NC

1) Alaskan White Granite Countertops
Alaskan White Granite is one of the top lighter color exotic Granite Countertops colors available right now. It matches light or even dark cabinets and can easily give your home a new, fresh and bright appearance. This granite color also matches well with any color appliances in your kitchen.

2) Black Magma Granite Countertops
Black Magma Granite has different color variations and movement, ranging from dark black to light yellow and even white. Every granite slab of this color can vary with different movement, specs of quartz crystals and color pattern. A granite countertops color such as this instantly adds a unique look that no other home could duplicate.

Granite Countertops Mooresville NC3) Santa Cecilia Granite Countertops
Santa Cecilia is a very popular and classic favorite for all Charlotte homes. It has hues of gold and black with scattered quartz crystals over the slab. Santa Cecilia, although a lighter and golden granite color, easily fits any color cabinet or home.

Looking for Granite Countertops in Mooresville NC? Firepace & Granite Distributors fabricates and installs granite countertops all throughout the Charlotte NC area including Mooresville NC and surrounding cities.
Call 704-721-0001 today for a Free Estimate on your new Granite Countertops.

Saving on Cost for Granite Countertops | Columbia SC

Granite Countertops Columbia SCGranite Countertops can be a great asset to your home. It is visually appealing, can withstand against the abuse from children, it is heat-resistant and increases the value of your home. But what is the cost for granite countertops? If your home is located any where around Columbia SC to Charlotte NC or even Greensboro NC areas, this blog will help answer your question.

The cost for granite countertops in columbia sc, for example, ranges depending on the fabricator deal with. Columbia SC is the state capital and largest city in South Carolina. With that being said, there are many choices for granite countertops fabricators in that area. But when you choose your fabricator, you want to be sure you are choosing someone with experience and a great reputation. Do not let price be your only decision maker! (Watch this video to see what happened to one homeowner that chose another company to save $200).

Experience: When granite countertops fabricators have experience, this usually means they also have proper tools, equipment and experience with granite installations. We have over 20 years experience in the granite countertops industry and have fabricated over 1000 each year.

Reputation: This also leads into the first point of “experience”. Having experience isn’t always enough to show your granite will be installed or cut properly. Don’t be afraid to check the business for reviews or even ask for references you can contact. Read our customer reviews here.

Overall, the best way to save on cost for your granite countertops is to choose your granite countertops fabricator and installer carefully. Lowest price may end up costing you more in repairs or what may need to be done to install the granite countertops properly.


Benefits of Granite Countertops

  • Visually Appealing
  • Can handle abuse from children
  • Heat Resistant
  • Increases Home Value Instantly

Choosing Granite Countertops | Columbia SC
Experience: Watch this video of our granite countertops installs
Reputation: Read our granite countertops reviews online.

Live in Columbia SC or Charlotte SC areas?
Get a Free Granite Countertops estimate by clicking here.