Cabinets in Charlotte NC

Cabinets in Charlotte is the newest division of Fireplace & Granite Distributors. Now, homeowners and home builders alike can save money and time on their cabinet project!

For years we have been offering Charlotte homeowners and home builders wholesale prices on fireplaces, tile, hardwood floors and granite countertops. Now, you can also save on your new all wood cabinets with Cabinets in Charlotte, by Fireplace & Granite Distributors.

Go from the drawing, to the real deal with your new kitchen cabinets. We also offer installation, but you also have the option to purchase new kitchen cabinets without our installation. Kitchen cabinets can be ordered pre-assembled with basic installation instructions.

Cabinets in Charlotte NCCabinets in Charlotte
Cabinets in Charlotte offers a wide variety of cabinet options. Cabinets come in all different finishes and styles. Some key features of our kitchen cabinets in Charlotte are:

Quality Wood Cabinets in Charlotte:

  1. True 1/2″ All Wood Box
  2. Solid Wood Corner Blocks
  3. Solid Wood Dove Tail Drawer
  4. Five Piece Mitered Drawer and Doors 
  5. Full Overlay Drawer and Doors
  6. UV Finished Interior
  7. True 3/4″ Plywood Shelf
  8. Full Extension Drawer Guides 

Kitchen Cabinets Bonus Features:

  • 1-2 Week Lead Time
  • Semi Custom Options
  • Custom Paint/Stain Match
  • Prompt Item Replacement (1-3 days)

Cabinets in Charlotte NCCabinets in Charlotte nc

Cabinets in Charlotte, by Fireplace and Granite Distributors, plans to be a cut above the average cabinet. We have the highest standard in materials and added features that are considered upgrades in most lines of cabinetry.

Our core productions are all wood construction; our drawers are all wood dovetail with full extension ball-bearing guides. These features, that would normally be considered upgrades, coupled with our pricing, allow you, our customer, to have a true advantage in the market place.

We offer several options in purchasing our kitchen cabinets. You have the option of buying kitchen cabinets assembled, flat pack (unassembled), or purchase containers direct for larger projects.

Cabinet in Charlotte, by Fireplace & Granite Distributors

Granite Countertop Prices

When choosing a granite company to buy from, this is why the best price might not always be the best value.
Written By: Bob Faust
Fireplace & Granite Distributors

There are many factors that go into creating a quote for granite countertop prices. Factors such as 1) Material cost 2) overhead 3) Labor cost 4) Specialty tools and equipment 5) advertising and service.

These should all be evaluated when you are considering the “Risk vs. Reward” scenario when choosing the right company for your granite needs.

Lets consider one of factors: Material Cost

All granite slabs are sold at different levels of quality or “grades”. Just as diamonds are graded from “commercial grade” all the way up to to “FL” (flawless), granite slabs prices vary the same way. Granite is available in commercial grade, fabricator grade, second choice, and first choice. The cost range of these materials are considerable.

A granite slab of Santa Cecilia commercial grade has a cost as little as $4.00 per sq ft whereas a similar slab of first quality material could easily cost $8-$10/ft. (NOTE: these are direct prices from the stone Quarries)

How is granite graded? What is the difference in granite slab grades?

Just some of the factors that go into this grading process are color, clarity, fissures or cracks, and pocked (pitted) slabs. Fully 80-90% of the granite fabricators locally to our area (Charlotte and surrounding) buy there materials from slab distributors. They then in turn add on their overhead and profit. After that, they then add wholesale these slabs to fabricators for $7-8 for commercial and as high has $12-14 for first quality slabs. Many Charlotte companies advertise first choice materials but sell lesser grades.

Granite Countertop Grades
(The photo above shows the same granite: 3CM Baltic Brown Granite  — The same granite but in different grades can appear different in color, have more granite fissures or cracks, and an overall difference in quality)

We, at Fireplace and Granite Distributors, buy directly from quarries overseas, thus insuring the best price and best quality materials.

This allows us to provide a premium quality material at wholesale prices or “Builder price levels”. (Passing all the savings and discounts onto you, the customer)

I am sure you can see why the best price may not always be the best value. If you pay a lesser price, you may very well get a lesser material. After all when the job is said and done and you are showing off your new tops to your friends and relatives, would you rather say “Look at my beautiful granite tops!” or “Look how little I paid for my granite tops!”

A low per sq ft granite price, a cheap granite countertop price still gets you a cheap granite countertop. Sometimes the lowest price will not offer you the best granite countertop and best overall value.