Real Granite Transforms in Charlotte – WITH REAL GRANITE

Why cover up your old grungy countertops with granite chips and plastic? Real granite is not as expensive as you think. A complete custom cut & Installed 3CM Granite countertop, 50 sq ft with EVERYTHING included — starts at just $2099. That includes taxes. Thats the best granite transformation — REAL GRANITE at an affordable price.

Did you know that some of the glue and materials used in countertop resurfacing is VERY Flammable? Granite is an all natural material. It is rock. It is stone. Fake granite resurfacing scratches VERY easily, while the only thing that will scratch granite is granite itself or something sharper like diamonds.

Don’t believe us? Grab a sample from a local Charlotte ‘granite’ resurfacing company and test it for yourself.  Compare it to a real 3CM rock sample of GRANITE. When we put a flame against a sample of fake resurfacing granite, a black smoke came off — and when we put a simple house key against it, it scratched instantly. This was some damage just within a few minutes with the sample. Imagine years later.

The real 3CM Granite countertop in the video below is over hundreds of years old. This granite was blasted out of the earth, polished, cut into a granite slab, shipped to our shop and then custom cut to fit your kitchen. It did not come in pieces — it is one complete slab. It fits perfectly in your home. This is real 3 CM Soild Granite. Not pieces or chips of material glued together. This has a lifetime warranty through mother nature.

The only way you can really transform your kitchen is with REAL granite. 3CM Granite is not as costly as it used to — and with us, we offer wholesale pricing to each customer. A 50 Sq Ft kitchen, with a new stainless steel undermount sink, custom cut 3CM granite, cut for the undermount sink, installation of sink, choice of any of 6 edge treatments, removal and disposal of old countertops, disconnection of plumbing, one day installation and a choice from several popular granite colors — taxes, materials, installation and labor INCLUDED — would be $2099.


Let us save you money and transform your kitchen with high quality materials and perfect installation.
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We choose the highest quality slabs — we turn away any granite slab that we see as ‘unacceptable’.
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