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how to choose granite color charlotteGranite Countertops are the best and most ideal choice for new countertops! If you don’t know what granite is, let me give you a quick run down: Granite is a rock that is formed deep inside the earth from volcanic activity! Each individual piece of granite is millions years old — when you touch it, you are touching a part of our planets history! Its a safe, durable material that has natural imperfections that make up a beautiful, perfect countertop. Granite is heat resistant, has natural patterns, pieces of quartz crystals that shine and its low maintenance!

So now that you have fallen in love with the idea of having granite countertops, how do you select the right granite color for your home? There are litterally hundreds of thousands of granite colors, so picking a color can seem like a huge task. Here are the top three tips for choosing the right granite color!

1) Bring other room finishes with you

When you are going to select the granite countertops color, bring your cabinet color with you! This is a very simple and easy way to begin visulizing what granite color will match your cabinets and fit into your kitchen’s decor. An additional tip would be to bring a paint chip sample, tile, wood flooring plank or any other design elements in your room.

2) Choose your granite slab in person

We have such a large selection of granite slabs in stock and on our own granite yard — so why not pick the slab you like the most? There are so many different variations of the same granite color, from slab to slab and lot to lot. One granite sample cut from a week ago may not match the actual granite slabs available in the yard, although color may be similar. Personally view the granite slabs in stock so you will see and approve the exact slab that will be used to cut your granite countertops. In the end, granite DOES cost money – so why not get exactly what you want? Another good point is that you do not want to be surprised by stone imperfections or movement (something you would have easily seen when you picked your slab).

3) Be open to opinions of others!

When you are picking your granite color, yes you do want to pick a color that you LOVE, but you also want to take other things into consideration — such as, does the granite color FIT your home? Yes, that blue and purple exotic stone looks amazing, but is there too much color variation for the rest of the rooms decor? Be sure to bring a friend, or ask your granite specialist that is helping you for their opinion on how your cabinets, tile and granite colors will mesh together in the final product. Remember, we custom fabricate and install over 1000 granite kitchens each year — we can easily tell you what granite would fit your home best and what you will enjoy the most!!

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