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Granite Countertops Columbia SCGranite Countertops can be a great asset to your home. It is visually appealing, can withstand against the abuse from children, it is heat-resistant and increases the value of your home. But what is the cost for granite countertops? If your home is located any where around Columbia SC to Charlotte NC or even Greensboro NC areas, this blog will help answer your question.

The cost for granite countertops in columbia sc, for example, ranges depending on the fabricator deal with. Columbia SC is the state capital and largest city in South Carolina. With that being said, there are many choices for granite countertops fabricators in that area. But when you choose your fabricator, you want to be sure you are choosing someone with experience and a great reputation. Do not let price be your only decision maker! (Watch this video to see what happened to one homeowner that chose another company to save $200).

Experience: When granite countertops fabricators have experience, this usually means they also have proper tools, equipment and experience with granite installations. We have over 20 years experience in the granite countertops industry and have fabricated over 1000 each year.

Reputation: This also leads into the first point of “experience”. Having experience isn’t always enough to show your granite will be installed or cut properly. Don’t be afraid to check the business for reviews or even ask for references you can contact. Read our customer reviews here.

Overall, the best way to save on cost for your granite countertops is to choose your granite countertops fabricator and installer carefully. Lowest price may end up costing you more in repairs or what may need to be done to install the granite countertops properly.


Benefits of Granite Countertops

  • Visually Appealing
  • Can handle abuse from children
  • Heat Resistant
  • Increases Home Value Instantly

Choosing Granite Countertops | Columbia SC
Experience: Watch this video of our granite countertops installs
Reputation: Read our granite countertops reviews online.

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