Nearly Invisible Granite Seams

When we install your granite countertops, you will meet our best installers. These installers have been working with granite countertops for several years and know what they are doing. They have advanced seam technology equipment to use on your granite seams during installation (that is, if you have any seams at all!). This seam equipment will tighten the two sides of granite together as closely as possible, giving you the tightest seam, making it nearly invisible to sight or touch.

Watch our video (below) “Find the Seam”. Have virtually invisible seams with us, that is — IF you have any seams at all!

Our Seams Compared to Our Competitors

Can you guess which seam is ours? Thats right — the top uba tuba sample is our seam example. The one below that is what is accepted as “industry standard” and the last one is one of our competitors granite kitchens here in Charlotte, NC.

Don’t settle for less…have the best with us. We go beyond industry expections.