Traditional and Trusted: Granite

We’ve had a lot of exciting developments at Fireplace and Granite Distributors recently. We have expounded dramatically on our material selections and have become capable of offering incredible beauty at an incredible value. What started with stone fireplace design and installation has grown into an amazing selection of countertop stone offerings from concept/design to installation. Along the way, we have maintained our family values and dedication to being a trustworthy and respected service to the Charlotte, NC community.

Today, we wanted to share the benefits of choosing the countertop that started it all for us — granite. It’s no surprise that granite countertops have become an American obsession; they’re characterized by their natural beauty and elegance that became a fixation of homeowners primarily during the housing boom between the 1990’s and 2000’s.

At Fireplace and Granite Distributors, we specialize in fabricating countertops with the right edge for your space. Casual onlookers will notice the overall beauty of the granite in your home, not realizing that a huge part of the ‘bigger picture’ that they’re viewing is the cut on the edge. At our facility in Concord, NC, we cut the edge of all countertops in house (from very simple squared edges to premium cuts like the Ogee which is regarded as a very premium and elegant edge).

You may be wondering what the benefits of granite countertops are — don’t worry, we can help synthesize the many reasons for you here. A bountiful stone mined in granite quarries all over the earth, this stone is extremely durable. To actually scratch or damage a granite surface, you’d need to have another piece of granite or a diamond — this makes it a very favorable stone for high traffic areas of the house like the kitchen, where you’re going to be using a lot of counter space with a lot of moving (and sharp parts).

Because granite is a porous stone, it is heat resistant and absorbs heat transferring in from hot plates and pots that are being moved around. Many argue against the cleanliness of a granite countertop because of how porous it is, but a proper seal and regular cleaning prevents the stone from playing host to the bacteria that they are concerned about.

Additionally, with a well-maintained seal, granite is very stain resistant, making it very easy to maintain and even more favorable for any countertop space that experiences a large amount of traffic in the home from bathroom to kitchen.

And don’t worry — the seal is not something that you have to pay daily attention to. Upon installation, a seal should be provided, and it is something you should consider re-doing once annually. This does not incur massive amounts of cost, either.

We have a large variety of colors and shades to consider at our showroom in Concord — we encourage you to come have a conversation with us about what you’re looking for in your home. We guarantee that we can provide it at a great value.

From the initial consultation all the way to installation, we are with you. We’ve earned the trust of the Charlotte, NC area because of our dedication to helping kitchens and bathroom counter space dreams come to life. We know that the beauty and presentation of your home is important to you, and it’s also important to us. Stop by our showroom, or give us a call at 704-721-0001 so that we can talk about the future of our elegant granite slabs in your home.