What is the most important room of your home-The kitchen Remodel

What is the most important room of your home-The kitchen.

The kitchen is the central work zone and most commonly used social place of the home. Consider how many times you use this area during the course of the day.  Breakfast, morning paper, coffee, lunch, sort through mail, going over homework with the kids, before, during and after dinner.  When friends and family come to visit, where do you tend to gather? The kitchen, this is why it is referred to as the heart of the home.  This is also the reason the kitchen is the top remodeled room of a home.


It is used by everyone -Whether it is your gourmet indulging husband or your toaster popping Eggo son, the kitchen is visited by family and friends more than any room in your home. It is the most public and yet personal area in your home. Unlike a bedroom, which is more private, the kitchen reflects your taste in more ways than just food selections.


It has a purpose– Like the bathroom which has a unique function; the kitchen is designed for preparing, serving and storing food.  Even if you are a microwave master, you still need this room for cooking, eating and cleaning up after your meal.


It is a Showpiece– Kitchens are the main focus when buying or selling a home.  They are the most visited and remembered room.  A kitchen, by far, reflects the homeowner’s colors, styles and personality. The first room to receive any type of upgrade will be the kitchen due to this.

It is a must-While many rooms in your home can be used as a replacement of others. A bedroom for example, can be used as a den, office or even as a family room or vice versa. The kitchens along with the bathroom are designed to function for that purpose only. While the kitchen, with larger floor plans and added desktop designs, have the distinction of becoming the most versatile room in the home. It can be used not only as a place for meals, but also as an office, a get together, even a place to watch the evening news.


It is Unique-It is the only room in your home where you have so many options to show off your taste and styles. You can create a dream kitchen by selecting the type of appliances, dining furniture, flooring, decorative trim, cabinets, hardware, lighting, countertopssinksfaucetsbacksplash designs and wall coloring. Imagine what even a little change could make. No other room in your house has so many options for being creative. And what better room to show off your style than the most visited place in the home.


It is Universal-House’s all over the world, have some form of a kitchen, making it into a home. Consider this when reading this article or sitting down tonight for that evening meal. What does your kitchen say about you?  What might you change, a little or a lot?

A lot has change in the housing industry but one thing remains the constant, the kitchen is the main focal point of the home and it is a beneficial place to make any improvements.

We have been in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry for over 15 years and have helped homeowners with everything from simple mini make-overs to major renovations.  Are you considering a project but need ideas? Our design specialist can help you; we can show you everything you will need to create that dream kitchen. Flooring-Hardwood and Tile, Cabinets and Hardware, Countertops-Granite, Marble, Silestone, Quartz and Soapstone, Faucet and SinksBacksplash-Travertine,stone,glass and slate.

What is the Process When Shopping For Granite Countertops

The Process-When Shopping for Granite Countertops for your Kitchen or Bathroom Project

  1. Call or visit one of our showrooms to discuss your project.
  2. Select your granite from our on site granite yard.template
  3. We will schedule your template appointment at your convenience.
  4. Here we review radiuses, seam locations, overhangs and backsplashes.
  5. Your digitized countertops are downloaded into our computer.
  6. This program records your edge, sink and cooktop selections
  7. Our CAD program guarantees an accurate layout of your kitchen.
  8. The template information is now transferred to our CNC saw.CNC saw
  9. With this computer generated saw we program in the exact placement of each piece.
  10.  We take into consideration the flow or movement of the stone.
  11. This percision cutting guarantees a perfect fit for your countertops.
  12. THe cut pieces are marked with customer name and seam location.
  13. Now the countertops are transferred to our CNC profiler.
  14. This CNC workstation is a computer controled detailer.
  15. Here the edge is profiled and the sink and faucet holes are cut.
  16. The detailer also polishes the countertop edges.
  17. The finished countertops are then transferred to our final inspectors.
  18. An inspection is done and any final touches are made.install gs
  19. Countertops are now ready for the installers.
  20. The countertops are loaded in the morning.
  21. Our installers arrive at your home.
  22. Old countertops are removed, plumbing is disconnected.
  23. New countertops, faucet and sink are installed, plumbing reconnected.

You have your new kitchen, all in one day!

Fireplace and Granite Distributors created this video to help you understand what to expect when shopping for granite countertops for your home.

-The Process

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Watch the video to see exactly what you can expect when selecting Fireplace and Granite for your project! The Process

We have also published a video on this page giving you an idea what to expect when you have your countertops installed.

Countertops Charlotte

Mainstream countertop options can be summed up into one of four popular countertop choices:


Solid surface

Quartz (engineered stone)


Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertop, with such brand names as Formica, is the least expensive surface available and is usually done in one of two types: Preform and Custom. The perform countertops are prebuilt, usually in 8 ft lengths and are simply cut to size and installed. Custom laminate countertops are slightly more expensive as the wooden top is constructed and a laminate veneer is then applied. The cost is probably the best feature of this product. Entire laminate countertop kitchens can be done for several hundreds of dollars. The look of a laminate countertop is usually dull and basic, not to mention the visible seams that can be found. It is also not very durable. Laminate countertops cannot be cut on and no heat should be applied.

Solid Surface Countertops

The originator of solid surfaces is Dupont. They created the popular brand called Corian over 40 years ago which they patented. Nowadays there are many solid surface countertops available, some popular brand names are: Formica, DuPont, Staron Surfaces, Wilsonart, Avonite and Karran. This type of countertop costs more than laminate countertops. This is due to the way it is glued together. Solid Surfaces use color matching adhesive so it is easy to make the seams disappear.  The seam material is also the same has the surface material. The main features of a solid surface countertop are the seamless applications and the cost is less then granite and quartz countertop materials. The problem with this countertop material is that it is softer and scratches easily. You should also avoid contact with hot surfaces because it will melt.


Quartz (Engineered stone) Countertops

The most common brands for Quartz Countertops are: Zodiac, Silestone, Hansstone, and Cambria. Quartz Countertops have only available in the US for less than 10 years. It is one of the most durable countertop surfaces available. It looks and feels similar to Granite and it has over 100 colors available. (Granite countertops have thousands of color options). It is comprised of 93-97% ground up quartz and a balance of glue. The glue makes this material a more maintenance free countertop surface, just like solid surface material, as the colors are man-made and it is easier to get the seams to blend in. Quartz is more chip resistant and does not contain any fissures or cracks as a natural surface countertop.The upsides of quartz countertops are low maintenance and more consistent colors, while the downside is higher costs. Most entry level quartz countertop materials cost as much as upper level granite countertop colors.The other downside or upside (depending on your perspective) is the uniform color. This perhaps is the biggest difference between natural and “engineered surface” materials. If you want a very uniform countertop, then you may want engineered stone countertop. If you want a unique countertop, then let mother-nature take you there with granite countertops.


Granite Countertops

An average size kitchen for granite used to cost over $10,000 dollars, but came down in price due to high demand and is now a very cost effective surface for most homeowners. Since it is a natural material each countertop is unique. Ever granite slab has a different color and appearance. Even if you are looking at two granite slabs of the same granite type, the color or pattern in the slab may be different. It could bea different shade of the same color or one slab could have more veining then the other. We encourage our customer’s to pick the granite slab that we will be using to cut their countertop from. It is best to pick your slab because although a small color sample may give you an idea for the color of the granite, but since the granite is coming from a different slab than where the sample came from, there may be a difference in the actual color of your granite countertop. Granite slabs range in a material price from $8/sq ft to as high has $75/ft and therefore is a large range in the installed pricing of this surface. Granite is a very hard surface which will not be scratched by anything other than more granite or diamonds, but could have some issues with chips if it is hit with a hard surface such has a pot or pan. Some Granite’s, being a natural material, do have some hairline cracks called “fissures” and some surface pits are common in some stones too. Most granite should be sealed periodically as well to prevent staining. There are sealers now that are guaranteed for 15 years to “Lifetime” which may give you more peace of mind with your investment. Maintenance and chipping are probably the biggest downside and with natural materials making seams disappear is difficult. Granite has a relative cost and an exceptional natural beauty, which makes it one of the best choices for countertops, currently available.