Granite Colors for Granite Countertops | Columbia SC

Granite Countertops Columbia SCOne of the biggest questions we hear from customers are “What are the new hot colors for granite countertops right now?” In addition to that question, we sometimes hear “What are the latest kitchen trends?” When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom with Granite Countertops, you want to make sure that you are getting the best out of the money you spend. As Columbia SC’s best granite countertops fabricator and installer, we can help you design your entire kitchen and bathroom.

There are many different granite colors to choose from when looking for Granite Countertops in Columbia SC. Usually by rule of thumb, you want to choose your granite countertop color based upon other color elements in your kitchen or bathroom. If you have a dark cabinet, maybe it would be good to have a contrasting granite color, such as a lighter color, OR on the other hand, you could choose a granite color that compliments or matches with the cabinet color. Many times, granite colors are chosen based upon your personal preference, although our design specialists here can typically suggest color elements that would work well in your kitchen or bath.

As far as kitchen trends, we often share what seems to be popular with sinks, and faucets, as well as mixing and matching materials, etc. Here are some unique links to start off 2012 that explain some current hot kitchen trends:

2012 Hot Kitchen Trends