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Outdoor Kitchens have been one of the latest trends to hit Charlotte over the past year. There are many outdoor enhancements you can do to create an attractive outdoor living area — from fences to pergolas, but the best outdoor enhancement is the outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens provide a space to relax, cook, and gives you the ability to enjoy your outdoors. Having an outdoor kitchen is like having a stay-at-home vacation spot, personalized specifically to your individual needs or the needs of your family.

There are many options for an outdoor kitchen:
– What type of grill would you like?
– What style of countertop space suits your needs?
– Will you have cabinets?
– Do you want overhead shading or even a ceiling fan?
– Do you want a bar area or to leave the grill detached from the countertops?

With all the available options, we can help you design an outdoor kitchen that will fit your budget and accomodate your specific needs. As the Outdoor kitchen specialists of Charlotte NC, we have helped design and install hundreds of outdoor kitchens. 

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