The Benefit of Choosing Granite or Quartz over Porcelain

Porcelain countertops have recently become a popular choice among American homeowners — a style adopted from what has been a common practice in European home design for quite some time now. Though this new trend is, no doubt, a beautiful addition to any home, we’ve found that there are a few drawbacks to choosing porcelain which makes the decision to choose Quartz or Granite a better long term investment.

The first drawback to consider is the availability. Again, porcelain countertops are a fairly new trend in American home design, so the decision to install them in your home will probably be heavily influenced by whether or not you have a local provider for them. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider the cost to bring in a material with beauty that is largely superficial.

One key difference between porcelain and stone is that porcelain is…well…not stone! It’s made out of a mineral rich clay called China Clay. Though extremely durable, it is not naturally occurring and so the design of the countertop is added during manufacturing or printed on afterwards.

If you elect to install an unglazed porcelain countertop, you run the risk of staining because porcelain is somewhat porous depending on the skill of the manufacturer (a risk you mitigate by installing quartz). However, unglazed porcelain also has an extended range of color choices.

The design of a porcelain countertop is added on after its manufacture (a process involving firing the minerals and clay at very high temperatures). Because of this, the design cannot wrap around rounded edges. Also, if you experience a chip, you’ll find that any pattern does not occur under the surface of the countertop — it is essentially a print on top of the surface.

Another thing to consider is that any existing ceramic cutlery or dishware poses the risk of scratching the surface.

Overall, porcelain countertops are a beautiful choice, but pose a few risks without the proper manufacture, design and installation. Without a significant amount of research, a bad long term investment could be made — we are available to you for counsel about the various kinds of countertop materials we work with.

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